Portfolio diversification shouldn’t be a tool only the uber-rich can afford.

So we created a streamlined fee structure that enables everyone to invest in alternatives.

Alto IRA Account Fees

Alto IRA accounts are charged a quarterly Account Fee* based on Total Invested Capital.



Total Invested Capital

You pay (quarterly)

$0.01 – $29,999.99




*Charged quarterly on the first day of each calendar quarter and in advance of each payment period. Account Fees are non-refundable. Account Fees are determined based on the sum of Total Invested Capital held by a client’s Alto IRA on the fifth day prior to the end of each calendar quarter. When a client completes their first investment with an Alto IRA on the Alto Platform, an Account Fee will be charged for the remainder of the quarter and within forty eight hours upon the completion of the investment. Total Invested Capital is determined by the sum of the purchase price of each asset held in an Alto IRA account plus any subsequent investment amounts into the same asset, minus applicable capital returns and principal distributions. Cash held at Alto is not included in Total Invested Capital. For the purposes of determining Total Invested Capital, Checkbook/LLCs are valued at the sum of cash transferred to a Checkbook/LLC. Securities transferred to an Alto IRA in-kind are valued at $1.00 per investment. Investment amounts include any cash transferred to an issuer or investment platform. Total Invested Capital is the cumulative total of a client’s Alto IRA accounts. A single charge will be applied to your payment method for each quarterly Account Fee. Upon the expiration of a subscription plan the initial quarterly Account Fee will be effective and prorated for the remainder of the quarter.

Alto CryptoIRA® Fees

We don’t believe in hidden charges, exorbitant fees, or steep investment minimums.
What you see is what you get.

Custody Fee

No charge

Investment Minimum


Trade Fee*


*A fee of 1% of the order size is included per transaction.

Service Fees1

Service fees apply to both Alto IRAs and Alto CryptoIRA®.

Fee Type

You pay

Investment Processing

Alto Marketplace $0.00
Integrated Partner2 $10.00
Private3 $75.00

Outgoing Wire


Outgoing Check


ACH Chargeback


Roth Conversion


Account Closure


Outgoing Private Security Transfer4


1 Service fees are charged as they occur and may not be prorated.
2 Integrated Partner service fees are charged each time Alto executes an investment on your behalf through one of our integrated partners.
3 Private investment service fees are charged each time we execute an investment on your behalf with an issuer not listed on our Marketplace or our integrated partners page.
4 Includes any outgoing in-kind transfers of non-cash assets to successor custodians, or distributions of securities directly to an account holder.

Additional Information
• Fees are non-refundable.
• Alto IRA accounts holding active investments are required to maintain a valid payment method on file. All accounts must have a valid payment method on file prior to completing any Service Fees.
• Alto reserves the right to charge fees to either a payment method on file or from available cash in an account or accounts.
• Should fees remain unpaid, Alto reserves the right to resign from an account and distribute the balance of any and all assets in accordance with the Form 5305 associated with an account.
• Alto reserves the right to charge additional fees for certain requests.
• All fees are subject to change upon 30 days’ written notice.