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Alternative Assets: The Beginners Guide

A steady decline in publicly traded companies combined with investors’ need for higher returns is one of the biggest factors fueling the popularity of alternative assets.


Episode 8: Andy Weissman

When you mix venture capital with a love of music, you get this week’s guest, Andy Weissman—managing partner at Union Square Ventures.

Episode 7: Jonathan McBride

From entrepreneur to White House staffer to his leadership role at BlackRock—the largest asset manager in the world—Jonathan McBride has always followed his instincts.

Episode 6: Alex Lieberman

Today’s guest, Alex Lieberman, provides proof that you can build a profitable and valuable media franchise in the US that doesn’t pick political sides.

Episode 5: Jenny Lefcourt

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Jenny Lefcourt became a CPA at Arthur Andersen—where she discovered public accounting wasn’t for her.

Episode 4: Howard Lindzon

Howard Lindzon has a passion for the decentralization and democratization of investing, which makes him the perfect guest for the Altogether Show.

Episode 3: Nikhil Basu Trivedi

Today’s guest, Nikhil Basu Trivedi, talks about how growing up with parents who empowered him to carve his own path helped him become the person he is today.

Episode 1: Jake Gibson

Jake Gibson is the co-founder of NerdWallet, as well as, Alto’s first customer, syndicate lead, and now, our first guest on the Altogether podcast.