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Alto Partners with Coinbase One to Offer 6 Months Reduced CryptoIRA Fees

Post on July 17, 2023 in Blog

Since launching the CryptoIRA in 2020, Alto users have reaped the benefits of our direct integration with Coinbase.

The CryptoIRA gives investors the opportunity to buy and sell crypto tax-free with a Roth IRA or tax-deferred with a traditional or SEP IRA.

Now we’re teaming up with Coinbase to offer a special six-month promotion for new CryptoIRA and Alto IRA users to get the word out about Coinbase’s new subscription-based offering, Coinbase One.

For a limited time, we’re offering Coinbase One members a 1% match up to $100 on their first contribution, transfer, or rollover into new Alto accounts,* plus:

  • CryptoIRA users will pay a reduced trade fee of just 0.50% for the first six months.
  • AltoIRA users will pay $0 in account and investment fees for the first six months.

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What is Coinbase One?

Coinbase One is a new subscription-based offering from Coinbase that provides members with zero trading fees, a dedicated support team, and exclusive benefits from partners like Alto.

In addition to financial perks, US-based Coinbase One members will receive a pre-filled Form 8949 that can be filed directly via their account or tax filing service of choice. If you’ve filed taxes on crypto before, you know how helpful this is.

And speaking of taxes… as part of this promotion, Coinbase has partnered with Alto to make investing in crypto tax-free or tax-deferred even more accessible by offering Coinbase One members half-off trade fees for the first six months of opening a new CryptoIRA.

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Why put alternatives like crypto in an IRA?

If you’ve ever wondered, “Can I put crypto in an IRA?” or better yet, “Can I put crypto in a Roth IRA?” you’re probably already pretty tax- and investment-savvy. Maybe you’ve even looked into other crypto IRAs but found high investment minimums and let that discourage you.

There is none of that with the CryptoIRA. 

Alto was founded on the principle that everyone—not just the ultra-wealthy—should have access to invest in alternative assets, like crypto. That means simple fees you can understand… and see BEFORE creating an account.

What’s more, you should be able to invest in alternatives using your IRA. 

Why? Retirement accounts are most Americans’ largest source of investable assets. That means that you can invest in crypto and other alternative assets using not just contributions from your bank account, but also rollovers from other IRAs or old 401(k)s, and even Roth conversions.

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IRAs as a portfolio diversifier

Individual retirement accounts, or IRAs, were created with special tax benefits to incentivize Americans to invest for the future. 

Typically, these accounts look a lot like your basic 401(k) or mutual fund. But as investors have discovered, you can invest in a lot more than just stocks and bonds using what’s called a self-directed IRA. That’s particularly attractive today.

With the demise of “traditional” portfolios like the 60/40 model—meaning roughly 60% stocks and 40% bonds, depending on your age and risk appetite—investors are looking beyond the public markets for greater diversification and risk-adjusted returns. It’s a strategy ultra-wealthy and institutional investors have followed for years.

Early on, only wealthy and well-connected investors like Peter Thiel could harness the power of self-directed traditional and Roth IRAs to invest in alternative assets. That changed with Alto. 

Alto took what once was a paper- and time-intensive, expensive process and streamlined it. Now, almost anyone can invest their retirement dollars in alternative assets with the tax advantages of an IRA.

So why is an IRA such a savvy vehicle for investing in crypto?

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IRAs let you invest tax-free or tax-deferred

While there are many benefits to investing with an IRA, it’s their tax advantages that stand out. IRAs allow you to invest either tax-free (Roth IRA) or tax-deferred (traditional IRAs). 

Tax-free means that the growth and earnings on your investments are shielded from the IRS (legally!). As long as you wait until turning 59-½ (and have had a Roth account for at least five years), you won’t owe a dime in taxes on those gains when you withdraw from your Roth IRA.

Tax-deferred is a bit different. With a traditional IRA, you won’t pay taxes on your contributions or the earnings until you withdraw the money after turning 59-½. Because traditional IRA withdrawals are taxed as income, this could benefit you greatly if you anticipate a lower income during retirement.

If you’re early in your career, investing in an IRA can be a game-changer. You have time on your side to let those investments grow and compound, all while avoiding taxes. 

But even if you’re later in your career, IRAs are still a fantastic option. Not only due to compounding returns or their inherent tax advantages, but because, as mentioned, they let you invest your retirement dollars in assets most employer-sponsored plans don’t—like crypto, farmland, and private equity.

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Do more with your IRA

Unlike 401(k) and other like accounts, self-directed IRAs give you the option to invest in assets you’re actually interested in, like crypto, startups, and more. 

Thanks to a new joint promotion from Alto and Coinbase One, investing in alternatives is even more accessible than ever before.

With the CryptoIRA, you can invest in crypto for as little as $10. And for a limited time, you’ll pay just a 0.50% fee on each trade—50% off our already industry-low 1% trade fee. 

Or, if you’re looking to diversify your portfolio further, the Alto IRA could be perfect for you, giving you access to investments in art, farmland, infrastructure, private credit, real estate, venture capital, and more. And when you sign up today, you’ll pay $0 in account and investment fees for the first six months.

However, this promotion is only being offered for a limited time.

Open your account today and we’ll also match 1% of your first contribution, transfer, or rollover up to $100.

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* A newly funded Alto account will receive a 1% match upon six months after the first trade or investment. To remain eligible for the match, an account must not complete a withdrawal, trustee-to-trustee transfer, rollover, or distribution before the match payment date. Accounts funded by transfers from another IRA at Alto are not eligible to receive the match.