How the Alto CryptoIRA® and IRA Referral Bonus Programs Work

Referring your friends and family is easy with Alto's IRA referral bonus program. Here, we explain how you can get rewarded for recommending Alto.
Alto Ira Account Referral Bonus

The idea for Alto was born of a simple question: Can I do that with my IRA?

As it turned out, you could invest your IRA in a whole lot more than just stocks and bonds. But there was a catch-you were pretty much on your own to negotiate the complex maze of legal documents required to execute a self-directed IRA. Not to mention it was expensive.

Now, with Alto, anyone can invest in startups, real estate, art, crypto, and more. And they can do it tax-free or tax-deferred by using what is for most people their largest source of investable assets-the more than $37 trillion Americans currently hold in retirement accounts.

There’s just one problem: Most people still don’t know that they have options when it comes to how they invest their retirement funds. So we’re asking for your help in spreading the word about alternatives and Alto.

Here’s how you as an Alto client can get rewarded for referring Alto to your friends and family.

Get Rewarded for Recommending Alto with Our IRA Referral Bonus Program

Referring your friends and family is easy with the Alto IRA and CryptoIRA referral bonus program.

Everyone who signs up for an Alto account receives a referral link in their welcome email. Simply share that link with anyone you wish to refer. Just be sure they realize that in order for you both to earn the IRA referral bonus (more on that shortly), they need to sign up through the link you provided.

Why did we include a referral link in our welcome email?

We noticed our clients like to refer people right when they get started. So we wanted to make sure you don’t have to fund your account or make an investment to be able to refer a friend.

But what if you opened your account a while back and no longer have the welcome email we sent? That’s okay!

Your unique referral link is easy to locate. Within your Alto account(s), all you have to do is navigate to Invite Someone from the main menu. (This link will be available within around 15 minutes of creating your account.) From there, just copy the referral link URL and share away! It’s that easy.

How Alto's IRA Referral Program Works

Now that you know how to refer someone to Alto, let’s talk about what you’re most interested in… our IRA account referral bonus!

What Do I Get for Recommending Alto?

When you refer someone who opens an account and funds it within 45 days, you’ll get $50 that can be redeemed via Stripe or PayPal right to your checking account-and the person you referred will either get $50 off their account fees (Alto IRA) or $50 added to their account (CryptoIRA) within 45 days of funding.

There’s also no cap on how much one single person can earn, so by all means, tell everyone you know that you’re diversifying your portfolio with Alto!

Changing the Way People Think About Alternatives Isn’t Easy

If you’ve ever told a friend about using your IRA to invest in real estate, startups, crypto, securitized art, or fine wine, you’ve undoubtedly heard “You can do that?” a few times.

It’s a reply we know all too well.

While it could be frustrating to some, we feel inspired. Because it’s a constant reminder that Alto is providing opportunities that weren’t available to most of us even just a few years ago.

Now, you can help your friends and family discover an easy, tax-advantaged way to invest in a host of non-traditional assets. And if by chance this is the first you’re hearing about Alto, we encourage you to learn more about whether an Alto IRA or CryptoIRA is right for you.


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