Episode 30: Shane Mac on Communication and Formative Collaborations

Shane Mac discusses his young career fueled by curiosity and key collaborations, founding companies with and without venture funding, and his passion for writing.
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About Shane Mac

Shane Mac is particularly proud of one of the several successful companies he co-founded in the last 10 years: Squared Away. Co-founded with his former assistant without venture funding, Squared Away connects military spouses with quality remote employment opportunities.

In addition to Squared Away, Shane is the co-founder and President of XMTP Labs, founder and General Partner of Logos Labs, and a passionate writer and musician. He also co-founded and served as CEO of Assist, which was acquired by Verint after merging with Conversocial.

In this episode, Shane provides insight into his impressive trajectory, beginning with crucial advice he received from his brother during his senior year of high school. He discusses the additional influential figures who have helped shape his path and what they have accomplished together by embracing curiosity and communication. Shane opens up about managing anxiety and sobriety while discussing relocating from San Francisco to Nashville, and his exciting ideas for the “switchboard” city. Later in the episode, Shane talks Eric through his current projects, including a glimpse into his ready-to-launch XMTP, a new communication protocol for Web3, which, if all goes well, will be virtually invisible.

  • (1:44) – Following his curiosity
  • (4:55) – A brother’s impact
  • (6:21) – Baseball
  • (8:09) – Finding music
  • (12:32) – Exploring e-commerce
  • (15:00) – Microblogging
  • (17:25) – Developing Assist
  • (23:33) – Examining company culture
  • (28:03) – Squared Away
  • (35:12) – Escaping San Francisco for Nashville
  • (37:01) – Dealing with anxiety
  • (40:24) – Designing the perfect day
  • (43:50) – Cauliflower gnocchi and Taco Bell
  • (47:05) – XMTP
  • (57:44) – Logos Labs

Shane Mac is co-founder and President of XMTP, founder and General Partner of Logos Labs, and co-founder of Squared Away. Previously, Shane served as co-founder and CEO of Assist and worked on product and marketing at Gist.com prior to the companies’ respective acquisitions. Shane is a musician and writer, and he earned a bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University.


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