Use Your IRA to Invest on Wefunder

Ready to make an investment on Wefunder? You can now use your IRA savings rather than making an investment with after-tax savings.

For most people, IRAs and 401ks make up a huge portion of their savings. The $20 trillion currently held in retirement funds account for 90% of all savings in the U.S. Many investors have no idea they can use their retirement savings to invest in alternative assets, like startups, while maintaining their tax advantage. But you can, and having assets that aren’t correlated with the stock market helps diversify your portfolio to unlock potential returns in the private market.

Investments on Wefunder are typically longer term, making them a great match for an IRA because the returns can compound over time.

While adding alternative investments to a portfolio makes sense from a returns perspective, many people have been discouraged by the overly complex process of traditional alternative investing. Using IRA funds for investment opportunities used to be difficult and confusing, with hidden fees and burdensome amounts of paperwork. That’s why we’ve partnered with Wefunder to allow investors to easily use their AltoIRA funds to invest in startups on the crowd investing platform.

The Alternative IRA™ from Alto gives you the freedom and flexibility to add Wefunder offerings to your portfolio using our simple, cost-effective platform. Wefunder’s seamless integration with Alto makes investing with your IRA as straightforward as setting up and funding an account.

You can now choose your AltoIRA as your funding source for any investment on Wefunder.

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