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The CalTier Fund opens the door to professionally managed institutional grade multi-family investments not typically available to the retail investor. We identify, negotiate, invest and manage these multi-family assets on your behalf so you don't have to. Invest Smart and build your wealth.

How Alto works:

Explore investments:

View opportunities and choose a deal you'd like to invest in.1

Notify the partner:

Before committing to invest in the deal, let this partner know you'd like to complete your commitment using your Alto IRA.2

Enjoy a paperless process:

E-sign your Direction of Investment through your Alto dashboard.3

Confirm and sign:

Confirm your investment amount and e-sign the deal documents for both parties.4

The partnership benefits between CalTier  and AltoIRA are based on the ‘Pro’ account terms. The following fees apply:

  • Account opening fee: $250
  • Partner Investment fee: $10

You will be charged the account fee by Alto when setting up your account. CalTier will reimburse the account fee to AltoIRA at least 60 days after a new account opening so long as you invest a minimum of $5,000 into the CalTier Fund 1, LP offering. If your new account meets the minimum investment requirements, Alto will reimburse the annual account fee to you. Additionally, if you maintain a minimum of $5,000 pert year in the CalTier Fund 1, LP offering then CalTier will continue to cover the yearly account fee at no cost to you

CalTier will also cover the $10 investment fee for CalTier Fund 1, LP investments. CalTier will not cover any other fee such as wire, account closure or investments into non CalTier offerings. You are free however to make as many of those as you wish.

The Pro account offers optional features with additional fees which CalTier will not be covering:

  • Partner Investment fee: $10 or
  • $50 (for non-CalTier offerings)
  • Outbound wire fee: $25 (if needed for non-CalTier offerings)
  • Account closure: $50