Meet client demand for alternative assets

Until recently, financial advisors didn’t have a way to respond to the confluence of growing demand, favorable regulations, and new technologies democratizing access to alternative assets. But now, you can use the Alto platform to take advantage of these trends, instead of worrying how they might disrupt your business.

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Access investments for diverse portfolios

As a next-generation provider of self-directed IRAs, Alto has made it easier than ever to invest retirement funds in alternatives. Advisors can invest client capital in real estate, startups, private equity and debt, pre-IPO shares, artwork, farmland, digital currencies and other asset classes historically accessible only to the wealthiest investors. To access these investment opportunities on behalf of your clients, you can:

  • Choose investments from our growing list of investment partners.
  • Use our Bring-Your-Own-Deal program to invest in a privately sourced opportunity.
  • Use our Bring-Your-Own-Deal program to invest in an asset from your investment menu.
  • Begin investing directly in cryptocurrencies when you open an Alto CryptoIRA®. 

Differentiate your practice

When you help clients achieve broader diversification beyond traditional assets, you not only strengthen their portfolios, you also boost your client acquisition and retention strategies. As capital markets transition from a tiny number of gigantic balance sheets to a gigantic number of tiny balance sheets, modern advisors cannot lead their clients on the traditional path to alternative investments; it is simply too complex and too expensive. Differentiate your practice with Alto, for Advisors.

Alto for advisors today

Advisors using Alto already benefit from our low fees, transparent pricing, fanatical support, and tech-forward e-signature-enabled processes that minimize the need for client involvement. The Alto platform now also enables clients to give their advisors access to view account activity, communicate with Alto representatives, and complete an investment transaction. We are working closely with our advisor clients to add product features that further streamline workflows and enhance the advisor experience on Alto.

Alto for advisors

Investor interest in alternative assets is booming, and advisors have an opportunity to differentiate themselves as $12 trillion in tax-advantaged retirement capital seeks investment opportunities beyond public stocks, bonds and cash. Contact us below to start your Alto journey

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