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This is the official AngelList logo.

Venture Capital • Accredited • $1,000 Minimum • $10 /Investment Fee

AngelList’s mission is to increase the number of successful startups in the world. In service of that mission, AngelList has built the leading platform for early-stage venture investing. AngelList offers everyth...

This is the official Masterworks logo.

Art • For Everyone • $100 Minimum • $10 /Investment Fee

Masterworks is opening the doors to top-tier, blue-chip art investments to everyone. Masterworks has built the first investment platform for fine art, allowing investors to purchase interests (or shares) in a painting...

This is the official Diversyfund logo.

Real Estate • For Everyone • $500 Minimum • $10 /Investment Fee

SEC-qualified DiversyFund was created to make the investing strategies used by high net-worth individuals accessible to everyone—and to serve the needs of the everyday investor. DiversyFund offers no net worth restric...

This is the official logo of Farmtogether.

Farmland • Accredited • $10,000 Minimum • $10 /Investment Fee

FarmTogether consists of cross-industry professionals with over 70 years of experience across farmland investing, agriculture and real estate in the US and globally. Firmly believing that farmland is a safe, stable an...

This is the official logo of the Republic.

Startup • For Everyone • $100 Minimum • $10 /Investment Fee

Republic is a startup investment platform where everyone can be an angel investor. By carefully selecting the most promising opportunities for a community of 700k investors, Republic has helped 200 companies raise mor...

This is the official EquityZen logo.

Pre-IPO • Accredited • $10,000 Minimum • $50 /Investment Fee

EquityZen helps accredited investors invest in proven pre-IPO companies through pooled investments. The platform makes it easy to research, compare, and reserve investments in the private market. Looking to invest on ...

This is the official Wefunder logo.

Startup • For Everyone • $100 Minimum • $10 /Investment Fee

Wefunder is the largest startup investing platform in the US. We enable anyone to invest in startups they love for as little as $100 and have helped hundreds of startups raise over $150M from their most passionate use...

This is the official JamesTown Invest logo.

Real Estate • For Everyone • $5,000 Minimum • $50 /Investment Fee

Jamestown Invest is the first direct-to-consumer platform to be launched by a global real estate institution, connecting individuals directly with real estate managed by Jamestown for as little as $2,500. Invest along...

This is the official Equitymultiple logo.

Real Estate • Accredited • $10,000 Minimum • $50 /Investment Fee

EquityMultiple is an investment platform that provides access to select, private real estate assets across a diverse array of properties. Our mission is to make real estate investing simple, accessible, & transpar...

This is the official Cadence logo.

Private Credit • Accredited • $2,500 Minimum • $50 /Investment Fee

Cadence is creating a new paradigm for private credit investments — giving investors an unprecedented level of transparency, lower minimums to get started ($500), and shorter durations (1-9 months) than other pl...

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