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Real Estate
$ 1,000

With AKRU, you can invest in premium fractionalized assets more securely and efficiently than ever before. Until now, direct private market investing has been largely inaccessible, offering low returns, limited flexibility, and higher costs. Now you can invest in quality commercial real estate for as little as $1,000. We combined blockchain technology with extensive industry knowledge to create a platform that allows you to easily diversify your portfolio and offers total control & liquidity. Commercial real estate investments have powered the world's strongest portfolios for decades and now they’re available to you.

How Alto works:

Explore investments:

View opportunities and choose a deal you'd like to invest in.1

Notify the partner:

Before committing to invest in the deal, let this partner know you'd like to complete your commitment using your Alto IRA.2

Enjoy a paperless process:

E-sign your Direction of Investment through your Alto dashboard.3

Confirm and sign:

Confirm your investment amount and e-sign the deal documents for both parties.4