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This is the official Title 3 Funds logo.

Startup • For Everyone • $50 Minimum • $50 /Investment Fee

Title3Funds.com is a FINRA-approved Regulation Crowdfunding (RegCF) portal registered with the SEC. We introduce every-day investors to highly investible early-stage companies and provide unrestricted access to browse...

This is the official Invest X logo.

Pre-IPO • Accredited • $2,500 Minimum • $50 /Investment Fee

InvestX is a technology enabled asset management platform that provides independent wealth management firms, broker/dealers, and financial platforms, exclusive access to some of the world’s leading late-stage private ...

This is the official Arrived logo.

Real Estate • For Everyone • $100 Minimum • $50 /Investment Fee

Arrived is a real estate company – we invest in residential rental homes and enable our tenants to co-invest. Tenants build ownership without being locked in to a single home. And investors get access to income ...

The official Arca logo

Crypto Fund • Accredited • $25,000 Minimum • $50 /Investment Fee

Arca is an asset management firm offering institutional-caliber products for sophisticated investors to confidently gain exposure to digital assets.

The official Caliber Capital logo

Real Estate • Accredited • $25,000 Minimum • $50 /Investment Fee

Caliber, The Wealth Development Company, is a leading full-service real estate investment company that provides accredited investors and registered investment advisors with well-structured alternatives to traditional ...

This is the official Landfund Partners logo.

Farmland • Accredited • $50,000 Minimum • $50 /Investment Fee

LandFund Partners acquires, manages, and improves row crop farmland properties in the lower Mississippi River Valley. Deep roots, local relationships, and stewardship are key to the firm’s investment process. LandFund...

The official MAZAKALI logo.

Startup • For Everyone • $2,500 Minimum • $10 /Investment Fee

A cannabis-focused fintech marketplace based in San Francisco, MAZAKALI offers investment opportunities in the high-growth cannabis industry.

This is the official NYDIG logo.

Crypto Fund • Accredited • $25,000 Minimum • $50 /Investment Fee

NYDIG is a leading financial services and technology firm dedicated to Bitcoin. Since 2017, they have served high net worth individuals and institutional investors with their proprietary full-stack solution for Bitcoi...

The official Regiment logo.

Private Equity • For Everyone • $100,000 Minimum • $10 /Investment Fee

Regiment is a digital investment bank that leverages a marketplace technology that connects deals with investors. We have engaged multiple capital partners, both formally and informally to build an online marketplace ...

This is the official Royalty Exchange logo.

Music Royalties • For Everyone • $100 Minimum • $50 /Investment Fee

Royalty Exchange is a marketplace where royalties on intellectual property are bought and sold like any other asset. Royalty Exchange believes that accessing the financial potential of intellectual property should be ...