Better Together

Alto is thrilled to partner with 

Jamestown Invest

 to help investors use IRA and 401k savings to invest in 

Real Estate


Invest with an Alto IRA

Alto helps account holders use their IRA or 401k savings to invest in non-registered, alternative assets like private equity, real estate, early-stage companies and crypto.

Simply open and fund an AltoIRA account. Then, use your tax-advantaged Alto IRA to seamlessly invest in 

Real Estate


Jamestown Invest


Jamestown Invest is the first direct-to-consumer platform to be launched by a global real estate institution, connecting individuals directly with real estate managed by Jamestown for as little as $2,500. Invest alongside a well-capitalized real estate operator with more than 37 years of experience navigating economic cycles.


Jamestown Invest

to learn more.

How It Works

We've worked hard to make getting started simple.


Open your Alto IRA account and start the fund transfer process from an existing IRA or 401k in minutes—with $0 set-up fees.


Find an investment on the 

Jamestown Invest

 platform and choose to fund it using your Alto IRA.


Create a diversified retirement portfolio of alternative assets, like early stage companies or real estate, to compliment your existing public market holdings.

Here to Help

We've made a step-by-step guide to help you invest with your Alto IRA on 

Jamestown Invest