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Alto delivers an easy-to-use, automated process for investing in alternatives with your IRA savings.

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The Alto® Ecosystem


Investors easily create IRAs and make investments on The Alternative IRA™ platform


Crowdfunding sites, issuers and digital asset exchanges benefit from untapped liquidity.


The Alto® deal hub automates and coordinates investment & closing processes for all parties.


Resulting in a diversified alternative asset portfolio.

Eric Satz

CEO, Alto

We created Alto because we wanted investors to have the opportunity to invest in alternative assets using IRA savings. We knew from experience that there was no platform that allowed them to do so easily and without frustration — so we set out to change that. Alternatives are an essential part of a diversified portfolio, and we believe investors should be able to include these types of assets in their retirement holdings just as easily as public securities. Ultimately, we hope to create a landscape where more people can comfortably retire at an earlier age by leveraging the power of the Alternative IRA.

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