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Episode 1: Jake Gibson

Jake Gibson is the co-founder of NerdWallet, as well as, Alto’s first customer, syndicate lead, and now, our first guest on the Altogether podcast.

In this episode, I’m speaking with Jake Gibson—Alto’s first customer, syndicate lead, and now podcast guest. Jake has been involved in the FinTech world for more than a decade, first as a co-founder of NerdWallet, then as a prolific angel investor, and now as a founding partner at Better Tomorrow Ventures.

There’s no question he has been carving his own path towards a better tomorrow. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

Favorite Moments

On his interests growing up: 8:55 On co-founding Nerd Wallet: 24:28
On how he viewed money as a kid: 10:52 On making major decisions together: 37:24
On his first job: 17:07 On scaling company growth: 47:36

About Jake Gibson

Jake Gibson is founding partner of Better Tomorrow Ventures, a new seed fund focused on fintech, alongside his partner Sheel Mohnot. Prior to starting BTV, Jake co-founded NerdWallet, before stepping down to become a full-time angel investor and backing more than 90 companies. Jake also helped build the 500 Fintech accelerator with Sheel, which funded more than 75 fintech companies over the last few years.

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