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Episode 4: Howard Lindzon

Howard Lindzon has a passion for the decentralization and democratization of investing, which makes him the perfect guest for the Altogether Show.

In this episode, I’m speaking with Stocktwits Co-Founder and Venture Capitalist, Howard Lindzon. He’s also the co-founder of VC firm Social Leverage and the founder of hedge fund Lindzon Capital, all of which means he plays in both the private and public markets.

With more than 20 years of investing experience, Howard shows a passion for the decentralization and democratization of investing, which makes him the perfect guest for the Altogether Show.

Notable investments include Robinhood, AngelList, Bitly, Life360, RallyRd, Manscaped, eToro, and more. We talk about how his “you do you” mindset helps him stay on his own course and maintain a positive outlook.

Favorite Moments

Forrest Gump: 7:32 Manscaped: 26:42
Who writes his tweets: 12:17 What 8-80 means: 35:20
Etsy for Jewish people: 20:29 Investing in Apple: 38:57

About Howard Linzdon

Howard Lindzon has been a financial industry investor and entrepreneur for over 20 years, and has extensive experience in both public and private market investing. He is the founder and managing partner of the hedge fund Lindzon Capital, and the founder and general partner of the venture capital firm Social Leverage. Through Social Leverage, he and his partners actively invest in technology startups, with a particular interest in financial technology. Current investments include Robinhood, eToro, ChartIQ and Rally Road among many others. Howard was also the creator of Wallstrip, and is the the co-founder and Chairman of StockTwits, the leading social platform for traders and investors to share real-time ideas and information.

Throughout his career, Howard has advocated for, and helped create the products and services that drive, the decentralization and democratization of investing. He believes that, despite Wall Street’s best efforts to convince us of the contrary, investing is something that everyone can and should learn how to do.

Howard resides in Coronado, California with his family, where he trades, runs, uses Twitter to complain about Twitter, and tries to live by his personal maxims “invest for profit and joy” and “be too small to fail.”

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