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Episode 6: Alex Lieberman

Today's guest, Alex Lieberman, provides proof that you can build a profitable and valuable media franchise in the US that doesn’t pick political sides.

If ever you needed proof that you can build a profitable and valuable media franchise in the US that doesn’t pick political sides, the Morning Brew is it. Just last week, they were purchased by Business Insider’s parent company, Insider Inc., and in this episode, I’m speaking with Morning Brew’s Co-Founder and Crew Leader, Alex Lieberman.

When Alex started his senior year at the University of Michigan, he already had a job offer from Morgan Stanley to trade on their mortgage desk—leaving him with some “free” time. He chose to do what everybody nobody does with this kind of free time: summarize business stories into a digestible and understandable email and send them to his friends still in the job hunt. Mikey liked it.

This email would eventually become “Morning Brew,” and I highly recommend you sign up using my referral link so you can drink your morning brew while reading it.  ☕️

We talk about the Brew’s evolution from unscalable processes and zero full-time employees to today, where 60 employees produce general and industry- specific, bitesize content for a readership of more than 2.5 million people.

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Favorite Moments

The lightbulb: 10:51 Referral program: 24:58
Helping his friends: 12:41 How he takes his morning brew: 34:33
The first email: 14:12 Biggest challenge: 48:30

About Alex Lieberman

Alex Lieberman is the co-founder and CEO of Morning Brew—a media company making the business world engaging and illuminating for future business leaders. Prior to Morning Brew, he was a trader for Morgan Stanley in their fixed income division. He received his BBA (concentrations in markets and real estate) from the University of Michigan in 2015.

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