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monthly custodial fee

Per Transaction Fees

1.5% on every transaction billed at the time of the transaction

Custodial Fees

0.083% monthly custodial fee, based on the 30-day trailing average of cash and currency held in your AltoCrypto IRA at month-end

Pricing FAQ

How do I pay for account fees?

We accept all major credit cards for monthly account fees and transaction fees.

How much are transaction fees?

There is a 1.5% fee included in each transaction; this is billed separately and is debited from your account balance at the time of investment.

Do you charge anything else, in addition to transaction fees and monthly account fees?

No. We don’t have research fees, any cost for ACH transfers or minimum balance requirements.

What if I live in California, where I've heard about high annual fees for crypto IRAs?

Congratulations, you’ve escaped the LLC tax. Previous crypto IRA solutions required investing through an IRA-owned LLC, which presents a slew of tax consequences for California residents. The AltoCrypto IRA solves crypto investing for California investors by eliminating redundancies and costs associated with IRA-owned LLCs.

How do taxes work?

Coins and cash held in your AltoCrypto IRA will remain tax-sheltered unless otherwise withdrawn or distributed from your IRA. Annually, we take care of your IRA’s reporting to the IRS, including filing Form 5498. 

What if I want to withdraw my cash?

If you choose to withdraw or distribute cash or property from your IRA before the age of 59 ½ without a qualifying life event, you will incur tax penalties. Cash can be transferred to another IRA custodian of your choice at any time for free. 

Will there be penalties for transferring my assets?

No. Your transferring custodian may charge a fee to transfer cash to your AltoCrypto IRA.

Are there minimums and investment caps?

No. Our mission is to democratize access to alternative investments. We don’t believe in setup fees or investment minimums. 

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