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We created transparent pricing and a less expensive entry point, so everyone can diversify.

Simple Account Fees

We work hard to offer the most competitive pricing in the industry. The highest monthly account fee is just $30 per month, no matter your account size.



Starting Monthly
Account Fee

Monthly Account Admin Fee

Covers account management and reporting that Alto is required by law to provide to the IRS on your behalf - based on the size of your account and billed monthly to your credit card on file. The most you'll ever pay is $30 per month, no matter your account size.

Account size

Monthly fee

Up to $10,000


Up to $25,000


Up to $50,000


Up to $75,000


Up to $100,000


More than $100,000


Things You May Want to Know

What is a Checkbook+ IRA?
A Checkbook+ IRA (also referred to as a Checkbook IRA) is a type of IRA that gives investors the ability to write checks directly from their IRAs and is often utilized to facilitate real estate transactions and ongoing maintenance of real estate property.

What makes Alto my best option?

  • We've built an easy-to-use and enjoyable user experience.
  • We include the Issuer (the company/asset you are investing in) in the transaction process -- saving you the burden of massive amounts of paperwork.
  • Our pricing is simple: we have no hidden fees.

Do I need to be an accredited investor to sign up?
No. Alto supports non-accredited investors as well as accredited investors. Anyone can create an AltoIRA account, though some offerings are only open to accredited investors. This determination is entirely up to the issuer or investment platform and may vary by type of offering.

What are the tax benefits to using an AltoIRA?
Investors who open a Traditional or Roth IRA at Alto receive the same tax benefits as an IRA held at a broker or investment firm. With AltoIRA, the difference is that an investor gets to be in the driver’s seat of their retirement account, allowing them to select investments while maintaining all tax-advantaged savings.

What if I want to withdraw my cash?
If you choose to withdraw or distribute cash or property from your IRA before the age of 59 ½ without a qualifying life event, you will incur tax penalties. Cash can be transferred to another IRA custodian of your choice at any time for free and without tax penalties.

Will there be penalties for transferring my cash from my existing IRA account to Alto?
There are no tax penalties. However, your transferring custodian may choose to charge a transfer fee. Alto does not charge such fees.

What is the difference between a “traditional" IRA and a "Checkbook" IRA?
When you create a “Checkbook” IRA, you will start by creating a “traditional” IRA. We will then walk you through the process of creating your LLC. With the creation of this LLC, you will be able to write checks with your IRA funds. This kind of IRA set up is commonly seen with real estate investing, where check-writing capabilities are regularly needed.

What’s the max account fee I could pay?

The most you’ll ever pay is $30 per month no matter the size of your account.

How do I pay for fees?

We accept all major credit cards for monthly account fees. This is the only way you can pay for account fees.

Why do you charge my card instead of debiting from my account?

Alto is one of the only IRA providers to charge fees to your credit card, rather than debiting from your IRA balance, because we want to maximize your investment’s growth potential.

Do you charge anything else in addition to monthly account fees for Checkbook+ IRA?

No. We don’t have research or account closure fees nor any cost for ACH transfers or minimum balance requirements.

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