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monthly account
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Monthly Account Admin Fee

Account size

Monthly fee

Up to $10,000


Up to $25,000


Up to $50,000


Up to $75,000


Up to $100,000


More than $100,000


Covers account management and reporting that Alto is required by law to provide to the IRS on your behalf. Based on the size of your account and billed monthly to your credit card on file. The most you’ll ever pay is $30 per month, no matter your account size.

Per Transaction Fees

Transaction size

Fee per transaction

Up to $5,000


Up to $10,000


Up to $25,000


Up to $50,000


More than $50,000


Transaction fees are based on the size of the transaction and are billed at the time of the transaction. A transaction fee is charged to the credit card we have on file each time an investor makes a new investment.

Pricing FAQ

Why did you change your fees?

Going into 2020, we asked you for feedback, and one message was consistent: Make pricing simple. As a result, beginning January 1, 2020, we’ll move to a monthly fee model based on your account value, and we’ve lowered the floor — and ceiling — on transaction fees. We’re the first in the industry to use a monthly model, and we are doing it because it’s simple and predictable. You can now invest in what you like, where you like, with lower transaction fees across the board. 

What kind of fees will I pay?

We have three types of fees: your recurring monthly account admin fee, a transaction fee assessed for each investment, and an account setup fee. We’re one of the only IRA providers to offer such a simplified fee structure.

What about wire transfer fees?

Electronic or ACH funds transfer is always free, and expediting via wire transfer incurs a cost.

What does the monthly account admin fee cover?

The monthly fee covers back office support and reporting that Alto is required by law to provide to the IRS on your behalf. Fees are not prorated for interim periods and are not refundable. Instead of charging this fee based on the number of investments and/or platforms used, we’ve simplified it to one monthly fee based on account value that scales as your IRA grows, effective January 1, 2020. 

What’s the max account fee I could pay?

The most you’ll ever pay is $30 per month no matter the size of your account, which is a significant reduction from the previous cap of $499 per year.

What is a transaction fee?

A transaction fee covers the expense incurred each time we execute an investment on your behalf. 

How much are transaction fees?

Transactions less than $5000 incur no fees. There is a $25 fee for transactions up to $10,000; $50 for transactions up to $25,000; $100 for transactions up to $50,000; and $150 for transactions more than $50,000. The most you’ll ever pay is $150, no matter the size of your investment. 

When do you charge the transaction fee?

You don’t pay a fee until you make an investment. All investments finalized on or after January 1, 2020, will follow the new transaction fee schedule. 

How do I pay for fees?

We accept all major credit cards for monthly account admin fees and transaction fees. This is the only way you can pay for account fees.

Why do you charge my card instead of debiting from my account?

Alto is one of the only IRA providers to charge fees to your credit card, rather than debiting from your IRA balance, because we want to maximize your investment’s growth potential. 

Do you charge anything else, in addition to transaction fees and monthly account fees?

No. We don’t have research or account closure fees, any cost for ACH transfers or minimum balance requirements.

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