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Seed Round Capital shares deal flows and co-invests with their network of angel investors and venture capital firms. They evaluate over 100 companies a month to pick their five favorites to share with our members and subscribers. Their members are free to invest or pass on any of the deals. Seed Round Capital's Angel Network syndicates every deal for its members via a special purpose vehicle (SPV), structured as an LLC. They hold the securities issued in the SPV. The structure of the SPV is such that capital gains and any passthrough income flows directly to the investors.

How Alto works:

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View opportunities and choose a deal you'd like to invest in.1

Notify the partner:

Before committing to invest in the deal, let this partner know you'd like to complete your commitment using your Alto IRA.2

Enjoy a paperless process:

E-sign your Direction of Investment through your Alto dashboard.3

Confirm and sign:

Confirm your investment amount and e-sign the deal documents for both parties.4