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Real Estate
$ 25,000

Shark Pool Capital’s Diversification Fund allows investors to build their own custom portfolio of commercial real estate in a variety of asset classes. Their state-of-the-art platform enables investors to allocate into 'slices' of deals as small as $5,000 per deal. Asset classes include multi-family, storage, development, and AirBNBs, in which Shark Pool Capital carefully finds, researches, and selects each opportunity.

How Alto works:

Explore investments:

View opportunities and choose a deal you'd like to invest in.1

Notify the partner:

Before committing to invest in the deal, let this partner know you'd like to complete your commitment using your Alto IRA.2

Enjoy a paperless process:

E-sign your Direction of Investment through your Alto dashboard.3

Confirm and sign:

Confirm your investment amount and e-sign the deal documents for both parties.4