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TruArc Fund IV

TruArc Fund IV is a buyout fund with a growth-oriented investment strategy focused on beverages, household products, food products, commercial products, personal products, commercial services, and information technology services sectors.

TruArc Partners, LP
545 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022

About TruArc

We partner with high-potential middle-market companies in Specialty Manufacturing and Business Services sectors to drive transformational growth. While we established TruArc in 2021, our experienced team has executed over $2.7 billion in private equity investments together since 2005.

Our senior investment team and operating partners work closely with company management. Drawing on comprehensive research, extensive networks, and hands-on experience, they create transformational growth opportunities for our portfolio companies through focused organic and acquisition-led growth strategies.


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We invest with growth in mind

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Why we invested

Only five percent of the investment opportunities we evaluate pass our rigorous due diligence process. Below are some highlights that helped convince our investment team that this particular fund is worth betting on.


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