What We Do

Alto delivers an easy-to-use, automated process for investing in alternatives with your IRA savings.

The Alto® Ecosystem


Investors easily create IRAs and make investments on The Alternative IRA™ platform


Crowdfunding sites, issuers and digital asset exchanges benefit from untapped liquidity.


The Alto® deal hub automates and coordinates investment & closing processes for all parties.


Resulting in a diversified alternative asset portfolio.

We also do these things

We keep the pulse on regulatory requirements

Tax law is complicated -- we ask the right questions so that you don't have to.

Alto is for both accredited and non-accredited investors. This being said, some investments are only open to accredited investors. We ask you a few simple questions to make sure that you and your investment are compatible.

Dependable custody of your assets

Most financial institutions aren't equipped to administer the custodianship of your alternative asset investments.

We designed the Alto® platform to ensure reliable custody of your investments for the long term -- protecting your assets and your retirement.

Enable diversification across different alternative investments

We facilitate the investments that you want to make, whether it be in private equity, real estate or digital assets.

Alto makes document collection and signature gathering a breeze for all parties.

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