Who Uses ALTO?

Lots of people get involved when you invest from a self-directed IRA account. We provide tools and expertise to support all of them.

Through the course of making an investment from a self-directed IRA account, ALTO provides the tools and expertise to support a range of individuals, including ...


We demystify and streamline the process for creating and managing a self-directed IRA account so you can make alernative investments with ease.

Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Owners, and Others Who Receive Investment Funds

Instead of managing multiple closings in multiple locations with multiple custodians, recipients of investment funds can coordinate everything using one hub, the ALTO platform, with a single custodian. This consolidation delivers unprecedented ease and organize to what has traditionally been a messy effort to manage.

Wealth Managers & Registered Investment Advisors

For the many professional services providers who support alternative investing - wealth managers, registered investment advisors, lawyers, and accounts, to name a few - ALTO serves as a dashboard for managing many clients, accounts, and investments in one dedicated hub. We turn a once disorganized, paper-intensive exercise into an afterthought, freeing up advisors to focus more on serving their clients.

Whether you are an investor looking to fuel a new venture, an entrepreneur aiming to raise money, or an advisor hoping to support a client, ALTO can provide the tools and expertise to help you achieve your objectives. Contact us today to learn more.