Our mission is to give you the tools and flexibility to invest your financial assets in the people, projects, and passions you know and trust.

We created ALTO for one simple reason:
We believe everyone should be able to access their money to make alternative investments just like the world's wealthiest, most sophisticated investors.

Our ALTO team believes investors representing all risk profiles and backgrounds should have the opportunity to evaluate and capitalize on alternative investing strategies. To make that happen, we have committed ourselves to ...

   Educating Investors

You have arrived at our site, so it is likely you know it's possible to access your retirement assets for alternative investment purposes. But if you are like most people, you also have a ton of questions about the minutia of doing so in the proper way. ALTO is here to answer your questions, making that learning curve a lot less steep and daunting.

   Removing Complexity

Once you are fully educated on the process, our guess is you will feel the way we do - that these investments are WAY too hard to manage. Too many documents and signatures required, too many parties involved, too much legalese to review ... too much hassle. With ALTO, we are committed to distilling down the process to its more easy-to-navigate form to save you time and aggravation.

   Lowering Costs

The processes and procedures governing IRA and 401k investment have barely changed since the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974 was passed. The industry still uses people and paper to process transactions, which all contribute to making administrative fees exorbinant. By using modern technologies and general process automation, ALTO is able to lower costs, in turn addressing the single biggest barrier to opening up this avenue of investing.

By addressing these points, we believe we can achieve our goal of democratizing alternative investing - enabling you to invest any amount in what you know, who you know, and what you want.

Did you know ...

... that 90% of savings in the United States – roughly $15 trillion dollars – is socked away in tax-advantage accounts? That's the equivalent of filling 15 football fields with $100 bills stacked 6 feet high!

Now, imagine if more people knew they could access these funds. We would see a flood of new ideas and projects take flight thanks to the availability of new capital ... and, of course, new opportunities to generate wealth for investors. That is the possibility ALTO wants to open up to investors of all types and profiles.