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Diversify beyond the stock market on the leading platform for private market investing. Alto provides investors with access to valuable investment opportunities only previously available to the fortunate few.

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Reimagine wealth creation with alternatives

For decades, institutions and hedge funds have trusted private markets to grow their portfolios. Alto® was founded in 2018 to unlock alternatives for more investors.

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Tax-advantaged investing in private equity, venture capital, real estate, art and other real assets with the potential for outsized returns.

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Enjoy a paperless, streamlined investing experience.


Diversify your portfolio with assets uncorrelated to the public markets.

Control your investments

Invest in what you know from our curated list of offerings on Alto Marketplace.

Tax Advantages

Enjoy deferred taxes, or no taxes, on all gains inside your Alto IRA account.1

1) Traditional IRAs and SEP IRAs generally are tax-deferred; Roth IRAs generally can be tax-free. Tax-free treatment subject to Roth IRA holding period and other restrictions.
Tax treatment of contributions and distributions subject to applicable regulations. Consult your tax advisor before investing.

With the Alto IRA, you've got options

Access curated private deals in venture capital, private equity, commercial real estate, and fine wine, with more to come.

Integrated Partners

As a trusted IRA provider, fundraising platforms offering a wide variety of investment opportunities have integrated with Alto to enable seamless investing with retirement funds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are alternative investments?

Alternatives are assets outside the traditional markets (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.). Alternative investments include shares of art, crypto, farmland, private equity, real estate, securitized collectibles, and venture capital, among others.

Why invest in alternative assets with an IRA?

An IRA could be the best way to invest in alternative assets due to their potential for outsized returns.

No matter how much your investment grows, with an IRA, you’ll never pay taxes on gains. You may even be able to avoid taxes altogether. With traditional and SEP IRAs, contributions are tax-deductible and you pay no taxes until you take a distribution. With a Roth IRA, you pay no taxes at all. (Upon eligibility to take distributions.)

Not only that, an IRA gives you access to capital that is otherwise locked in other retirement accounts. This makes an IRA the perfect vehicle for investing in assets with longer time horizons.

Do I need to be an accredited investor to sign up?

Alto supports non-accredited investors as well as accredited investors. Anyone can create an Alto IRA account, though some offerings are open only to accredited investors. This determination is entirely up to the company or investment platform issuing the offering.

What are the fees for the Alto IRA?

Portfolio diversification shouldn’t be a tool only the uber-rich can afford. So we created a streamlined fee structure that enables everyone to invest in alternatives. See legal terms and pricing. Pricing and terms subject to change.

Can Alto give me investment advice?

No. Alto is an administrator only and does not act as a financial advisor or provide any investment advice.