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The Best Crypto IRA Just Got Better

Post on September 28, 2021 in Blog

If you’ve been following along over the past few months, you know we’ve rolled out a host of updates intended to make Alto CryptoIRA® the best crypto IRA on the market. But if you’re just now discovering CryptoIRA, here’s a quick recap…

Last month, we made updates to the Alto IRA and CryptoIRA dashboards-and announced the addition of 19 new cryptocurrencies. (We’ve since added a lot more.) The month before, we made it easier to view your crypto portfolio at-a-glance and simplified the process for executing trades.

Now, we’re excited to report that we’ve made the following updates to make it even easier to buy and sell crypto with the tax advantages of an IRA:

  • Enhanced the buy and sell screens for both desktop and mobile users
  • Made it easier to search from the 135+ cryptocurrencies available for trading
  • Added the ability to toggle between USD and units of currency
  • Launched a free, optional concierge service to help new users get started

Let’s break down each of these improvements.

Enhanced Buy and Sell Screens

You need to be able to buy, trade, and sell whenever, wherever you are. So we’ve made updates to enhance the mobile trading experience.

These updates include simplifying the buy and sell screens for better desktop and mobile display, and streamlining the Direction of Investment (or DOI) agreement review process. We also made it so that when you’re executing a limit order sale, for example, you won’t also be shown the market order sale terms and conditions, and vice versa-making for a cleaner overall look that only shows you what you need to see.

Before (Desktop)

Alto CryptoIRA Dashboard (Before)

After (Desktop)

Alto CryptoIRA Dashboard (After)

In line with creating a more mobile-friendly view, the order review and trade confirmation screens have been streamlined as well.

Order Review Screen

Crypto IRA Review Order

Trade Confirmation Screen

CryptoIRA Trade Confirmation

Looking at the before and after images, you might have noticed the ability to search for specific cryptocurrencies.

Simple Searchability of 135+ Crypto Assets

Previously, when you wanted to buy or sell cryptocurrency using your CryptoIRA, you had to scroll through a list of currencies in alphabetical order to find what you were looking for.

With one of the largest coin selections of any crypto IRA-and more being added all the time-that was beginning to make for a lot of scrolling.

Now, CryptoIRA users can type in the name of the currency they’re looking for to easily find it among the more than 135 cryptocurrencies we currently offer through our integration with Coinbase.

Search by Name

CryptoIRA Name Search

However, that’s not the only way to explore the currencies available for investing. Maybe you’re less interested in a specific coin and are instead curious about what cryptocurrencies are available under a certain dollar amount. Not to worry. We’ve added that functionality as well.

Search by Price

CryptoIRA Search by Price

But making it easier to search for currencies isn’t the only change to the trade window. We also…

Easy Currency Conversions

When it comes to how much you want to buy or sell, you might want to transact in units of crypto rather than in dollar amounts. So we made it easy to toggle between USD and, for example, BTC, by clicking the double-arrow symbol to the right of the Buy Amount field.

CryptoIRA Market Buy

Want to buy five units of ether? Rather than calculating the value in USD, all you have to do is click the button to toggle to ETH and enter the number “5” and it will display the USD equivalent. (At the time of writing, the current value of 5 ETH is $14,695.03 for anyone who’s wondering.)

Personalized Support

In addition to making updates to CryptoIRA itself, we’ve also launched a completely optional concierge service to help new users get started. When you sign up for a CryptoIRA account-assuming you haven’t already-you can request a dedicated Investor Sales team member to help you set up your account.

And because transfers of assets from, say, one IRA to another, can be difficult, someone from our Transfers team will be available to help you.

Tax-Advantaged Crypto Trading Just Got A Lot Easier

Whether you’re a diehard crypto trader or new to crypto, Alto CryptoIRA® is a great way to invest in cryptocurrencies with all of the tax advantages of a traditional or Roth IRA.

CryptoIRA offers 24/7 real-time trading and some of the lowest fees of any crypto IRA company, as well as more than 135 cryptocurrencies to choose from. And with investment minimums of just $10, you don’t need to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to get started.

Try CryptoIRA today.

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