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Alto’s Private Raise Portal empowers you to source an alternative investment opportunity you want to invest in with your retirement funds.

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Unprecedented autonomy in
a legacy space

The alternative assets investment sector hasn’t exactly been known historically for spoiling investors with choice. 
Alto is changing that.

Want to support a friend's startup with your retirement capital?

Interested in supporting an ESG fund raising for a green energy project?

Want to support your alma mater’s alumni entrepreneurship network?

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How it works

For Issuers

The process only takes 15-20 minutes to complete and is free to the issuer.
Issuer creates an issuer account
Issuer sets up an offering
Issuer invites investors to their
offering on Alto

For Investors

Fund your Alto IRA
Accept an issuer's invitation to an offering
Direct Alto to invest in the offering on your behalf

With Alto, you're never far from help

Alto’s dedicated Client Experience team offers on-call support for matters related to your Alto account, including working with issuers directly to ensure a smooth investment process.

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Well, we've got answers. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please visit our FAQ page
How much does it cost to invest in an issuer who raises privately through the Private Raise Portal?
Alto prioritizes simple, transparent pricing that we hope makes investing in alternatives feel approachable and affordable.

Investments into issuers who raise privately through the Private Raise Portal require you to have a standard Alto IRA with us. The Alto IRA charges a quarterly Account Fee based on your invested capital. Additionally, a $75 investment transaction fee is charged for each initial investment into a Private Raise Portal offering.

For more detailed information, please visit