We offer a simple, low-cost way to invest in alternatives from your AltoIRA.

No commission. No hidden fees.

Account Activation


To make it even easier for you to get started today, we don’t charge any activation fees—removing one more barrier between you and your investments!

Investment Fee

Investment Amount

Fee Amount

Up to $2500


Up to $10,000


Up to $20,000


Up to $50,000


Over $50,000


Annual Account Reporting Fee *

This fee covers the management and reporting that Alto is required by law to provide to the IRS on behalf of investors.

Account value up to $10,000

Annual Fee


Account value over $10,000

Never to exceed $499.

Unlimited Platform Partner Investments

1 Platform = $99 / year

Ex: 10 AngelList Investments = $99/year

2+ Platforms = $199 / year

Ex: 10 AngelList Investments + 5 Wefunder Investments = $199/year

Direct Investments** or Transferred Securities†

$99 / investment / year

* 25% of the Annual Account Reporting Fee is charged quarterly at the end of every quarter when we serve as custodian for one or more assets at any time during that quarter. Please note that fees are not prorated for interim periods and are not refundable.

** Direct Investments are investments made without a Platform Partner.

† There is no charge to transfer securities to Alto from another Custodian. For the purposes of the Annual Account Reporting Fee, transferred securities will result in the same fees as though they were Direct Investments.

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