Episode 16: Amy Seigenthaler

July 29, 2021
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Life is full of difficult moments, but it’s how you choose to approach them that defines you. This week’s guest is known for her optimism and positivity. From struggling with the pressures of adolescence to running a business during the 2008 economic crisis, she has never wavered in her faith that things will get better. In this week’s episode, you’ll hear about Amy Seigenthaler’s perspective on living small, educating big, and traveling often.

A Nashville native, Amy found her way to the Northeast, where she majored in English at Boston College before beginning her career as a crime journalist. After 10 years in a career that the normally positive Amy described as “tough on the soul,” it was time for a change. So when she received a late-night call from Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith, asking her to move to Ireland to be her speechwriter, she knew she had to jump at the opportunity.

Following the unexpected and tragic death of her father, Amy and her sisters came together to run his PR firm in their hometown. It was here, during the economic crisis, that she realized that if you are driven first by doing the best by your employees and not the bottom line, you will succeed. A working mom of three, Amy discusses what it’s like to be a woman in business and her passion for PR.

In this episode, we talk about how Amy not only found her way despite the hardships, but also how she never stopped smiling. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, or just looking for an interesting story (she’s got plenty!), take a listen to this week’s episode.

Favorite Moments

  • (7:20) A call in the middle of the night
  • (24:18) Working hard is a good thing
  • (26:21) Hard times are hard
  • (32:41) Roll call
  • (38:09) Transitions
  • (59:57) Curiosity

About Amy Seigenthaler

Amy is Managing Partner at Finn Partners, one of the fastest-growing global, independent communications agencies with a heart and a conscience. Graduating from Boston College with an English degree, she worked as a newspaper beat reporter in Boston. After, she became assistant to Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith in the U.S. Embassy in Dublin. Amy’s next career at Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications merged her skills in journalism, speech writing, event planning, and foreign policy. There, she developed and executed comprehensive communications programs in healthcare, tech, and science. After her father’s passing in 2004, she returned to her hometown of Nashville to help run the company he founded, DVL Seigenthaler, which was ultimately acquired by Finn Partners in 2014.


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