Episode 31: Rachael Horwitz on Embracing Growth Opportunities and the Web3 Revolution

June 29, 2022
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About Rachael Horwitz

An In-N-Out burger might be the key to lasting, meaningful professional relationships. Popping out of the office to grab a bite to eat was one of the ways Rachael Horwitz bonded with colleagues in her early years at Google, and the relationships formed during these years would lead to incredible career opportunities in her future.

Rachael Horwitz is a communications expert, currently serving as the Chief Marketing Officer at Haun Ventures. Previously, Rachael was an Operating Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, and she has served on and led communications teams at Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Coinbase during major growth stages for each company.

From an early age, Rachael sensed an entrepreneurial spirit in her family. In this episode, she shares how a desire to surround herself with smart, driven young people drew her to Google in the mid-2000s, where she discovered a love of working in an engineering and product-focused culture. Rachael reflects on being a “marathoner” in her professional career, including her journey traversing several high-growth opportunities and the risks she took joining companies in their early stages.

Speaking with Eric, Rachael discusses interpersonal communication in the workplace, assuming good intentions, and prioritizing forming strong relationships with peers. She shares her experience earning the role of Vice President of Communications at Coinbase and the major effort (and enthusiasm) she put into her interview process. In transitioning to her most recent role at Haun Ventures, Rachael talks about collaborating with her mentor and friend Katie Haun on the exciting new project.

  • (1:38) – Who is Rachael Horwitz?
  • (5:26) – The power of California
  • (8:55) – The early years
  • (13:35) – Embracing risk
  • (16:19) – High-growth opportunities
  • (17:51) – Advice for younger Rachael
  • (20:55) – Self-awareness
  • (24:06) – Assuming good intentions
  • (27:58) – From politics to Google
  • (32:55) – Forming the strongest bonds
  • (41:28) – Jazz and karaoke
  • (45:56) – Twitter to Facebook to Spark Capital
  • (47:43) – Joining Coinbase
  • (55:29) – Haun Ventures
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