Alto Marketplace is your new done-for-you capital raise platform

Access over 27,000 existing alts investors already familiar with and investing retirement funds into a range of alternative assets.

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How our bespoke capital raise platform works

The process only takes 15-20 minutes to complete and is free to the issuer.


Submit our inquiry form to list an offering on Alto Marketplace
Alto Securities’ leadership team reviews your offering*
Upon approval for fundraising on Marketplace, Alto will assign an Issuer Relations Manager to act as your concierge


Initial onboarding with your Issuer Relations Manager; implementation roadmap designed and timeline set
Additional diligence conducted by Alto Securities
Kickoff calls with Alto Securities’ Marketing & Investor Relations teams
Materialization of offering page, sales collateral, and Marketing engagement events
Fundraising go-live managed by your Issuer Relations Manager
Weekly check-ins and reporting
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*Offerings for Marketplace are reviewed for fit based on a set of selection criteria including but not limited to investment structure, deal thesis, track record, risk factors, return projections, and launch readiness

More capital, less overhead

Overcome the massive administrative burden for issuers, and overwhelming process for individual investors. Alto’s esteemed financial services and standout software has been powering the connection of like minded issuers and investors.


Alto’s Marketing team promotes Marketplace offerings as an exclusive distribution method to our existing investor base.

Social media
Paid ads
Editorial content
Email marketing
Product marketing
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Alto’s licensed Investor Relations team dedicates its time to learning your offering with your guidance and instruction to sell it to our community.



Alto Securities’ broker-dealer team ensures investors meet suitability requirements and complete the end-to-end investment process.

Investor dilligence
Transaction management
Offering document execution
Investor support
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Well, we've got answers. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please visit our FAQ page
What is Alto Marketplace?
Alto Marketplace, managed by Alto Securities, LLC, connects accredited investors with a selection of private investment opportunities. The firm conducts a thorough due diligence process to evaluate each offering, ensuring a diverse range of asset classes such as private equity, venture capital, real estate, fine wine, art, and more are available.
What is the difference between Alto Marketplace, Integrated Partnerships, and the Private Raise Portal?
Alto Marketplace is Alto Securities’ flagship platform, where we actively manage the entire investor onboarding process and present specific investment opportunities to both existing and potential investors through various channels including press, paid advertisements, social media, editorial content, and email marketing. Our licensed investor relations team is dedicated to representing Marketplace offerings on behalf of issuers, focusing on acquisition to streamline the process for you.

Integrated Partnerships enable issuers and investment platforms to embed Alto as a payment method within their native investment workflow, streamlining the process through which people can invest with an IRA. Alto displays its integrated partners on its website and investor portal, however we do not promote specific investment opportunities offered by integrated partners.

The Private Raise Portal enables issuers to raise IRA capital on their own terms without any technical expertise or integration required. Unlike the Marketplace and Integrated Partnerships, issuers can start raising capital within 20 minutes through the Private Raise Portal. The steps are simple to create an Alto issuer account, upload your offering, and invite investors to participate! Alto does not promote the brands and investment offerings of issuers who raise privately through this product, nor does it review the merits, legitimacy, appropriateness or suitability of an investment, thus providing issuers complete control over their capital raising process. Alto simply provides a payment method for issuers to accept investments from investor’s IRA dollars.
How are offerings selected for Alto Marketplace?
Alto’s broker-dealer team both sources sought-after private deals and conducts diligence over inbound deals from issuers. Prior to being made available for your investment on Alto Marketplace, each offering must complete our expert-led due-diligence analysis, which evaluates each offering on the merits of its investment structure, deal thesis, manager track record, and risk factors, amongst other things.
How do I submit my offering for listing on the Alto Marketplace?
Complete this inquiry form! Our Alto Securities team reviews submissions on a rolling basis and will be in touch if there’s interest to learn more.
How much does it cost to list my offering on Alto’s Marketplace?
Alto charges each issuer a placement fee based on the total committed capital raised for the offering. Placement fee rates are determined during contracting.