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Unfiltered interviews with untraditional entrepreneurs who ignored boundaries and followed their instincts.

The drive behind the Altogether Show is simple: We’re in this all together. We believe people should root for each others’ success instead of tearing each other down. Our goal is to encourage and challenge everyone we encounter to be the best version of themselves. On our show, you’ll hear Eric’s unfiltered interviews with interesting and untraditional entrepreneurs who ignored boundaries and followed their instincts and own paths—and now empower others to do the same.

In season one, our theme is “you do you”—one of our core values at AltoIRA. When “you do you,” you act independently and choose freely, even when it’s not the safest or most popular option. We hope to support and inspire authenticity to see our world become a better place—because we’re in this all together.


Altogether Show Featuring Jake Chapman

Episode 20: Jake Chapman

Jake Chapman, co-founder of Alpha Bridge Venture, discusses the future of venture capital and its unlikely connection to science fiction.

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Altogether Show Featuring Scott Kitun

Episode 19: Scott Kitun

Master negotiator and media entrepreneur, Scott Kitun, discusses how he paved his own way to success.

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Altogether Show Featuring Matt Mireles

Episode 18: Matt Mireles

Software entrepreneur, investor, and activist Matt Mireles discusses his unique and exciting journey fueled by his dreams and passions.

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Altogether Show Featuring Steve Walsh

Episode 17: Steve Walsh

Steve Walsh discusses believing in himself enough to leave a stable career in sales to become an entrepreneur and angel investor.

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Altogether Show Featuring Amy Seigenthaler

Episode 16: Amy Seigenthaler

PR professional Amy Seigenthaler discusses how her motto, “Live small, educate big, travel often,” helped her overcome adversity and step out of her comfort zone.

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Altogether Show Featuring Ryan Caldbeck

Episode 15: Ryan Caldbeck

Investor, lifelong learner, and tech entrepreneur Ryan Caldbeck discusses his rise to CEO and the role mental health played in his decision to step down.

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Altogether Show featuring Meb Faber

Episode 14: Meb Faber

Our guest is known for his blog, podcast, and several books about the craft of investing, Meb Faber’s voice will appeal to investors and non-investors alike.

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THE ALTOGETHER SHOW - Anthony Scaramucci

Episode 13: Anthony Scaramucci

For Anthony Scaramucci, choosing risk and testing his resilience is central to being alive, not at all contradictory to being a conservative institutionalist.

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Episode 12: Marcus Whitney

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is difficult, but it’s even more difficult if you’re a college dropout. This week’s Altogether guest defines “self-made.”

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