Episode 19: Scott Kitun on Media Entrepreneurship and the Art of Negotiation

August 20, 2021
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A master negotiator with years of experience in the business world, this week’s guest is as driven as they come. Growing up in a home where autonomy was encouraged and big decisions were made with a consultative approach, he gained his confidence at a young age. This week, you’ll hear how Scott Kitun paved his own way to becoming a media entrepreneur and co-founder of Technori.

Scott describes himself as always being “20 years ahead,” which he attributes to sitting in on sales meetings with his father. From the time he was 5 years old, he’s been listening to the nuances of why a person says yes or no to a product or service. His innate ability to see things through the lens of a businessman has helped him value earning relationships and respect.

In this episode, Scott walks through his unconventional journey to becoming an entrepreneur-from negotiating his way through college, to realizing commercial real estate wasn’t for him, to building his own curriculum for grad school, and eventually helping make Chicago one of the largest tech ecosystems in the world. His journey to success wasn’t without its setbacks, though, and he’s the first to admit having too many regrets to count. The silver lining to it all? Find out by listening to this week’s episode!

Favorite Moments

  • (4:41) The hospital
  • (7:24) Community upringing
  • (8:19) Young businessman
  • (30:31) Regrets
  • (51:35) Losing followers
  • (52:50) Deal engine

About Scott Kitun

Scott Kitun is a Chicago-based entrepreneur focused on building and investing in early-stage growth companies that leverage media as a core competency.

As CEO of Technori, Scott played a small role in shaping Chicago into one of the largest and most inclusive tech ecosystems in the world by creating the first-ever radio show and event series that enables startups to fundraise directly from a live audience of both accredited and retail investors; resulting in more than $350 million invested via equity crowdfunding, angel groups, and traditional venture capital.

As an operator, Kitun has successfully acquired and sold two media companies while investing in nearly a dozen other startups (including three with exits).




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