Real estate SPV

2500 W. Heiman, Nashville SPV

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Alto Marketplace’s offerings are currently available only to accredited investors.

Real estate SPV

2500 W. Heiman, Nashville SPV

Alto Marketplace’s offerings are currently available only to accredited investors.

Alto Capital is raising capital for the 2500 W. Heiman, Nashville SPV, a real estate investment opportunity led by Big Plan Holdings, a Family Office located in Nashville. The project, known as University Village, comprises 154 single-family homes in a fully amenitized community in the heart of urban Nashville.

Big Plan Holdings has $4 million of LP equity available to fund the site work and construction of the housing community, which is located just 2.5 miles from downtown. This is an opportunity for accredited investors to participate in a residential project in a rapidly growing city.

Offering details

Offering name:
2500 W. Heiman, Nashville SPV
Minimum investment size:
Type of offering:
Investor type:
Accredited investors
Launch date:
May 30, 2024
The SPV charges a 2% upfront management fee, and an additional 0.25% (25 basis points) annual fee will be applied*
Anticipated final close:
May 30th, 2024 - July 30th, 2024
Asset Class:
Real estate SPV
*The SPV will collect a 4.50% upfront fee, which will be held in reserve. For a detailed breakdown of additional fees and expenses associated with the underlying Fund, please refer to the offering documents.

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June 18, 2024 at 5:00 PM CT
Join leaders from Alto Securities and Big Plan Holdings to hear them discuss a unique investment opportunity on Alto Marketplace.
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About the investment

Big Plan Holdings University Village

University Village is intended to be a new community for urban professionals and young families, located two miles from Nashville’s central business district, the Lower Broadway entertainment hub, and the Gulch shopping district.


University Village has been carefully designed to provide tenants a holistic living experience that makes it competitive amongst the best accommodations options available for prospective home buyers and renters in the Nashville area.


The neighborhood is adjacent to Tennessee State University, which boasts an enrollment of over 10,000 students and the associated faculty and staff, which provide persistent demand for housing in the surrounding area.

Universities nearby (less than 1 mile away)

  • Tennessee State University
  • Fisk University: (900+ students)
  • Meharry Medical College: (900+ students)

The neighborhood is also a 5 minute walk from the location that is a lead contender to build the new MLB stadium when Nashville receives its expected expansion MLB team (or an existing MLB team that moves to the market).  

Development timeline

Capital raise strategy

*The sponsor reserves the right to raise preferred equity or increase debt. Prospective investors should review all offering documents to understand the full extent of the capital structure and associated risk.

Capital use strategy

Development Partners

Steve Armistead

Steve is one of Nashville's visionary developers. He has more than 30 years of commercial real estate development & brokerage success in the Nashville market and beyond. Steve was one of the original forces behind the phenomenally successful Gulch Development in downtown Nashville.

Edward Tinsley

Edward has served as primary corporate legal counsel and head of operations in a range of companies, spanning the oil and gas industry, hospitality, and real estate development. Ed has acted in over $12 billion in equity and debt transactions, beginning his career at a NY/London based law firm.

Jared Bradley

Jared seeks to create boundary-pushing designs that fuel our built environment’s evolution. With over 20 years of experience as an architect, real estate developer, and general contractor, Jared understands the value of designing with wellbeing and space-making in mind.

Alto Capital

Introducing Big Plan Holdings: a significant player in Nashville’s burgeoning real estate scene

Big Plan Holdings serves as both a family office and a syndicated investment firm headquartered in Nashville. The company also owns Big Plan Hospitality — an owner/operator of bars/restaurants in Nashville, and Edgehill Music Publishing — a Nashville-based music publisher, and serves as a partner for a professional sports agency, Milk & Honey Sports.

Meet the team

Josh Joseph, Founder and CEO

Josh is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Big Plan Holdings who spearheads the Joseph family's endeavors in incubating new businesses, making strategic investments, and mentoring emerging entrepreneurs.

Sean Marshall,
Principal + COO & General Counsel

Sean is a Principal and Chief Operating Officer of Big Plan Holdings who brings a decade of Broadway experience in operations, revenue growth, risk management, and legal and government relations for major Broadway honky tonks and venues.

Eric Russell,
Principal & Chief Investment Officer

Eric is a Principal and the Chief Investment Officer of Big Plan Holdings. He excels in investor relations, underwriting, deal sourcing, debt/equity closings, joint ventures, and financial operations, as evidenced by his over $900 million in transaction experience.

Big Plan Holdings has investments in seven sectors, including:

Nashville, Tennessee already has an influx of tourists, many of whom come to stay

Nashville is recognized as a top-desired destination by major travel outlets like Travel + Leisure1, Condé Nast Traveler2, National Geographic3, and more. While it mostly attracts Americans, hundreds of thousands of tourists come from around the world. In fact, Nashville welcomed more than 14 million visitors in 2022, which was up 13% from 20214.

While the hospitality sector is certainly growing, many of those coming to visit Nashville are looking to stay long-term. The universities that are near University Village are home to tens of thousands of students — many of whom stay in the city after graduating. After all, Nashville’s unemployment rate has been steadily dropping since 2009, and it ranks highly for job growth. Young families are also moving to Nashville due to the lower cost of living and lack of state income tax. However, these factors can vary and should be considered as part of a broader analysis.

In fact, Nashville added nearly 100 new residents per day in 2022, according to the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Research Center5. Since 1990, the population has climbed 81%. In Downtown Nashville alone, the residential population has ballooned 152% between 2010 and 20206. Demand for housing in the area is expected to continue with a pipeline of development projects in the coming years — including University Village.

Embrace exposure to real estate with local experts through Alto Capital’s SPV

Alto aims to empower individuals with investment opportunities curated for long-term, retirement-oriented consideration. The alignment between alternative assets’ naturally longer-term maturation of value over time and the forward-looking nature of investing for retirement is an overlap in strategy we refer to as duration matching.

Real estate is an increasingly prominent alternative asset in the landscape of private markets, and Big Plan Holdings’ expertise in the Nashville locality makes it a prime candidate for consideration as a GP of a real estate venture for investors considering allocation to Alto Capital’s SPV.

Upcoming Webinar

June 18, 2024 at 5:00 PM CT
Join leaders from Alto Securities and Big Plan Holdings to hear them discuss a unique investment opportunity on Alto Marketplace.
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Offering documents

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*Please be aware that Alto Capital SPV charges an annual management fee upfront. Alto Capital reserves the right to waive this fee at its sole discretion. This fee is charged for the management and operation of the SPV and is separate from the fees associated with the underlying investment opportunity. Understanding that this management fee is an additional cost that will affect the overall return on your investment is crucial. Furthermore, the underlying fund also charges separate fees. These fees differ from the SPV's annual management fee and may impact your investment returns. To ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of all fees and charges that apply to your investment, we strongly encourage you to review the offering documents thoroughly. These documents provide detailed information on all fees, charges, and the terms of your investment.
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Investing in private securities carries a high risk and is considered speculative. Private securities are illiquid and do not trade like public markets. Illiquidity can result in investors having to sell their private securities at a price lower than their initial investment. This may lead to realized losses when exiting a position, and investors should be prepared for this possibility. An offering's investment objectives are not guaranteed to succeed under all market conditions. A fund's interest income may be affected by various factors, including investment performance, realized and projected market returns, fluctuations in market interest rates, and other pertinent factors.
Concerning any reference to high-net-worth individuals and institutions, it is essential to note that these investors often have substantial financial resources and longer investment horizons, which may differ from those of individual investors. Before participating in these opportunities, potential investors should carefully consider their financial circumstances, risk tolerance, and investment objectives. 
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2500 W. Heiman, Nashville SPV


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