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Alumni Ventures AI Fund Q4 2023

Alto Securities is pleased to introduce an innovative AI-focused fund offered by Alumni Ventures, a leading venture capital firm.
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Initial Offering Date: 08/20/23 

Parent Company: Something LLC.

Alumni Ventures AI Fund Q4 2023 offers accredited investors the opportunity to invest in cutting-edge companies innovating with and in artificial intelligence.

Offering Details

Alumni Ventures AI Fund Q4 2023
Total Fundraise:

Min investment size:

Type of offering:
Reg D 506(c)

Investor Type:

Accredited Investors

Launch Date:

October 11th, 2023


2% per annum*
*Please consult the PPM and subscription documents for additional fees and expenses.

Offering period:

October 11th 2023 -Jan 1st 2024

Asset Class:
Venture Capital

Alumni Ventures AI Fund Q4 2023 is a 506(c) Regulation D offering focused on investments in companies seeking to revolutionize the AI space through the technology’s application to existing processes, tools, and systems and its development. 

Artificial intelligence is an exciting space. Companies in a range of industries are aggressively adopting AI tools, skyrocketing the technology’s impact and broad valuation. Despite its fast and deep impact, AI is still relatively hard to access as an investment, given that many of the companies at the helm of the AI revolution are still private, early-stage startups. 

U.S. venture capital, as an asset, has demonstrated the potential for strong growth over the last 30 years. The total market value of venture capital in the United States in 2022 was $233.9 billion (3). And they’re investing a lot into AI these days. 

Expert venture capital strategy executed for individual investors

AI companies are cropping up left and right. Alumni Ventures’ team of dedicated investment professionals assesses each startup, its team, the specific investment terms, and the lead investor against a range of more than 40 attributes to determine the soundness of the business for the portfolio. 

What is Alumni Ventures Group?

Alumni Ventures Group is a network-powered venture capital firm with the primary focus of providing accredited investors access to venture. Since 2014, with chief executive officer and board chairman Michael Collins at the helm, Alumni Ventures has established 33 alumni funds and a handful of focused funds, including the AI Fund. 

Alumni Ventures has 20 dedicated investment teams across its family of funds and more than 50 seasoned investment professionals. Together, they have already raised more than $1 billion in capital with a rapidly growing portfolio of more than 1,100 companies. 

Meet the Alumni Ventures Leadership Team

Picture of Michael Collins

Michael Collins

Founder & CEO

Picture of Luke Antal

Luke Antal

CCO & Director of Strategic Initiatives

Picture of Laura Rippy

Laura Rippy

Managing Partner, Green D

Picture of Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards

Chief Investment Officer

Alumni Ventures invests alongside preeminent names in the industry

The sample co-investors listed are some that Alumni Ventures has historically co-invested with and is not a predictor of future co-investors for any given portfolio company. There is no guarantee of who will be the co-investors.


Strategic presence in venture hubs across the US 

The firm’s expert team is purposefully located in major hubs of innovation, business, and entrepreneurship across the country, giving them an on-the-ground vantage point into up-and-coming startups and presence in their community network.

Investing driven by alumni networks of top universities

The firm casts a wide net with the top universities in the country, powering national and global entrepreneurship, including all Ivy League schools. 

Invest in potentially game-changing AI technology

The minimum investment is $25k to gain exposure to a well-diversified venture portfolio of AI-powered companies from Alumni Ventures’ alumni networks, which cover the top university alumni communities.

The 20 dedicated investment teams see over 500 deals per month and do their diligence to score and select promising opportunities for funding. 

From there, they make 20 to 30 new investments per year, giving Alto investors a diversified venture portfolio of early-stage companies steering the AI revolution.

While there’s inevitable and substantial risk in investing in early-stage startups, the potential for long-term equity appreciation could yield significant returns. 


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