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Vint Futures & Casks Fund I

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Fine wine & spirits

Vint Futures & Casks Fund I

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The Vint team identifies arbitrage opportunities to give investors advantaged entry points into wine and spirits across global markets.

Offering details

Offering name:
Vint Futures & Casks Fund I
Minimum investment size:
Type of offering:
Reg D 506(c)
Investor type:
Accredited investors
Launch date:
January 17, 2024
0% management fee, 20% performance fee
Anticipated final close:
4 months
Asset Class:
Fine wine & spirits
*For additional fees and expenses, please review the offering documents

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About the Fund

The Vint Futures & Casks Fund is a new fund strategically designed for wine aficionados and spirit enthusiasts—and any accredited investor that is seeking to diversify their portfolio with fine wine and rare spirits, a non-correlated asset class that has returned nearly 15% in the last five years(1).

Combining extensive expertise and data-driven market research, the Vint team identifies arbitrage opportunities to give investors advantaged entry points into wine and spirits across global markets.

From there, Vint securitizes and safely stores carefully curated collections that represent some of the most sought-after assets with a track record of performance.

Investing in Wine and Spirits

Vint is a real-alternative asset manager that has expanded access to wine and spirits investing by securitizing collections within the sector. While the global wine and spirits market is substantial in size, investment-grade wines and spirits only make up a small percentage of overall production.

These limited bottles and vintages offer investors a range of interesting considerations.

Fine wines and rare spirits with longer aging processes mature over time, which can also increase their price points as they grow older. And beyond bottles, the industry has seen innovation more broadly, like authentication and traceability of a bottle’s history via blockchain.  

A longstanding market

Alcohol beverages and their trade have been a mainstay of human civilization for countless generations. And where there is commerce, there is investment. Fine wine and spirits have been long standing investment opportunities, with recent examples fetching impressive sales at auction.

Examples provided are for illustration only and do not represent fund holdings. Refer to official documents for accurate information.

Take, for example, the Macallan Adami 1926—a bottle of single malt Scotch whisky that was auctioned at Sotheby’s in November 2023 for a record-breaking price of $2.7 million(2).

What is Vint

Founded in 2019, Vint is a fine wine and rare spirits asset manager that set out to make an otherwise opaque and inefficient investment process simple. Vint’s equity products offer investors looking for exposure to bottles and casks of wine and spirits a streamlined strategy.

Innovation in securitized fine wine and spirits

Securitized wine and spirits: a strategy for individual investors

Vint uses proprietary data analysis to source investment opportunities in mispriced fine wine and spirits assets. The team uses this data in tandem with its industry network to curate collections of fine wine and spirits that are securitized for investment.

The share price for each collection in the Fund includes:

By combining direct sourcing relationships with a wholly-owned direct-to-consumer fine wine and spirits 
e-commerce-style investment platform, Vint seeks to mitigate transaction expenses levied upon the
investor to improve returns.

Meet the Vint team



*These advisors offer valuable insights and perspectives to Vint, but their roles are strictly advisory in nature. The involvement of advisors should not be construed as endorsements or guarantees of investment performance.

Invest in top-tier wine and spirits

Vint Futures & Casks I offers investors broad exposure to the most relevant regions and producers in the sector with a single investment minimum of $2,500.

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Please be advised that a sourcing fee of 5% is payable to Vint at the time of acquiring fine wines and spirits for the fund. This fee is an expense that will be borne by the fund itself, ensuring full transparency and clarity for our investors.
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Vint Futures & Casks Fund I


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