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How Millennials See Their Financial Future

Alto’s 2022 Alternative Investing Report

We surveyed the United States’ largest generation, millennials, as well as Gen X and baby boomers, to uncover insights about their feelings toward planning for retirement, including how their investing habits and perceptions both differ from and mirror those of older generations. This report reflects our findings.

of millennials worry they’ll never be able to afford retirement

the average age at which millennials hope to retire

of millennials worry a stock market crash will wipe out their savings

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Few actions elicit such a dramatic range of emotions as planning for retirement, especially during times of economic uncertainty. Decades-high inflation, growing market volatility, supply chain crises, and the COVID-19 pandemic have all contributed to a growing sense of concern around the future.

For millennials in particular—many of whose formative, early adult years were marked by the dot-com bubble and Great Recession. We wanted to understand how they view their financial future, the role gender plays, and what steps they’re taking to achieve their goals.